Year 4

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  • 8 - 9 years

  • 26 children

  • 8.50 am - 3.20 pm

  • Mrs Ferguson

Dear Parents,

A warm welcome to Year 4!

I hope you and the children have had a wonderful break and are ready for the new academic year. Below is some information which I hope you will find useful. As a parent of three, I have tried to include everything you may need to know regarding the weekly routine of the Class, hence its length!!

Useful info:

  • The children will be supplied with pots containing black handwriting pens, pencils, rubbers and coloured pencils. I have class sets of felt pens. They will have a ruler each in their trays. Although not necessary, the children are welcome to bring in their own pencil cases but these must be able to fit in their trays! (Just a reminder- the school has a policy of writing in BLACK pen only.)
  • I am a great believer in the children being hydrated, and am allowing them to bring water bottles (filled with water not squash/coke etc. please) onto their desks each day. They will need to refill them either in school or preferably at home each night. We will discuss that they should not drink while teachers are talking.
  • We will be trying to run one kilometre a day; a “K a Day!” Last year’s Year 4 and I adapted the idea from The Golden Mile/ A Mile a Day, of which you may have heard. It was a big success. It has been proved to help children improve fitness levels, general wellbeing and concentration levels too. (I’m also hoping it will solve my middle-aged spread!!!) We will measure a 100m circuit with a trundle wheel and will time how long it takes us to change into our trainers or comfortable shoes. We plan to run/walk for 10 minutes before assembly each day, after completing 50 minutes of work. If the children do not complete their 10 laps of the circuit, then they can do so at break times. There is no racing involved and I have emphasised that the only competition in this particular activity, is to improve fitness. We will start this next Monday and the children will need to bring in trainers if their shoes are not suitable for running. (If your child usually uses an asthma pump before running, will you please ensure that I have a pump with the current expiry date in the classroom. Many thanks.)

Weekly Routines  Spelling and Maths homework will always be given out on a Monday to be returned by Friday unless stated otherwise in my weekly letter. Please LOOK OUT for these.

  • Spelling homework will be given out on Monday. The children must copy all the words 3 times on the sheet. After Week 3, the children will be given spelling groups and will be required to learn the words from their group. (If they decide to challenge themselves, they can also learn words from the group above.) All groups will be given a spelling test on Friday in the back of their literacy books. These tests will be done with a relaxed approach and the children will be encouraged to celebrate their successes. No marks will be shared with other children. Please encourage your children to learn their spelling words as they will be related to the work we are doing in Class and will really help them.
  • Maths homework will also be given out on Monday and will be used to consolidate topics we are covering in the classroom. There will be a mixture of MyMaths and homework sheets.

If you could sign the spelling and maths homework sheets in the place provided, it would really help me know that the sheets have made it home! Please feel free to write any comments on the sheet about any difficulties/help given etc. I will need them in by Friday so that I can mark them on the weekend. Children who repeatedly do not complete their homework sheets will be asked to do it in their breaktimes with me.

  • It is very important that the children continue to read at home every evening either to you or with you. Research has shown that children who share reading with their parents are better readers because of it. The children will have a reading task set each Friday and this needs to be brought in their reading folder the following Friday. There will also be guided reading sessions in School.
  • Sport is on Thursday afternoon. The children will need their school sports kit and trainers.
  • PE is on Friday afternoon.
  • Violin lessons with Mrs. Bramley are on Thursday morning.

You’ll be glad to know that’s it for now!

If you need any other information, please feel free to come and see me at the end of the day if possible, unless it is an urgent matter, of course.

(Mornings are quite hectic and I would like the children to become more independent about arriving in Class each day.)

Best wishes and kind regards,

Kath Ferguson

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