Year 6

Find out more about what goes on in Year 6

  • 10 - 11 Years old

  • 30 children

  • 8:50 am - 3:30 pm

  • Teacher: Mrs Webster

Welcome letter Year 6 2019 – 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils,

Welcome to Year 6, I hope that you have all had a restful and enjoyable Summer, and that this will be the start of an amazing year for all of the children as they embark on their final year in Oystermouth. I have tried to put as much information below as I can. Inevitably I will forget something so please don’t hesitate to come and see me or get in touch.

On Wednesday 18th September I shall be giving 2 short presentations at 3.45 and again at 5.30 for parents and children to give some information about the year ahead and answer any questions that you might have. Everyone is welcome. However here are details of the day to day nitty gritty!

On Tuesday 24th September at 5.00 Mrs Burgum from Bishop Gore will be in school to talk to prospective parents and pupils in advance of their open evening.

Mrs Honey will be taking my PPA sessions for the Autumn term on a Friday afternoon where she will be taking gym, reading buddies with Year 2 and RE.

Uniform: Please ensure that correct uniform is worn and that all clothing is named including gym kit. Trainers will need to be brought every day as we shall be running each morning before lessons. Please ensure that your child brings school shoes to change into. (If not, the smell is beyond imagining!)

Gym: Friday afternoon. All children will need:

Shorts: navy, black or white

T-shirt: white (plain with no collar or buttons)

Trainers:  In case we go outside


Games: Wednesday afternoon.

Shorts and t-shirt as above, and trainers. Sweat shirt and joggers may also be worn in cold weather

We will be doing some running in the park and possibly some training involving togs. I will let you know details as soon as I have them.

We will be running the mixed groups as last year so that the children get plenty of opportunity to try different sports and to work outside in the park and yard as well as in the gym.


Fruit from the school tuck shop costs 30p per day. Children may pay for the week in advance if they wish.


Water: children may bring in a named bottle of water to keep in class


Film club:

Film club is for Year 6 pupils and runs from 5.00 to 6.30 on the following dates:

Wednesday 2nd  October

Wednesday 13th November

Wednesday 4th December

A drink and biscuits will be provided. We select films from Into Film Cymru and a consent letter is attached. All of the films have been vetted and approved by Into film and the majority will be a U certificate. Occasionally we will show a PG certificate film if appropriate. We don’t advertise the name of the film but they are not usually blockbusters and often have a cultural, environmental or literary element. If you have any questions please pop in to see me. Children should be collected from the hall after club by an adult. They are not allowed to walk home, especially as it gets darker. Because there are so many after school activities we change the Film Club night each term so that everyone gets a chance to attend.



I hope that our class mascot will be up and running within the next 2 weeks. Please encourage your child to write a short account of an activity or diary entry on the sheets provided. There are language support sheets in the pack and I am keen for the children to use the patterns that they are familiar with. PLEASE do not let them use Google translate as it never uses the school formats. (And it makes me cry!)






  • Reading: Please continue to read with your child. Books can be brought home from school, borrowed from the library or be your own but please encourage your child to try a variety of genres and authors.
  • Mymaths: each week there will be at least one unit of Mymaths to complete. This will either be a revision session of work covered in year 5 or a unit to consolidate work that we are currently doing in class. Please let me know if you don’t have internet access and I can arrange for your child to do their units in school.
  • Spelling and tables revision
  • This term we will be learning how we learn, developing our awareness of the different ways in which we learn and to help to extend this we are using a homework menu. In addition to weekly spelling and maths, the children will bring home a term menu. They will be required to complete 8 of the 12 tasks but the tasks are designed to give more autonomy to the child over how the resulting product will look. Tasks can be completed in any order. Some tasks require adult supervision and lots of tasks will involve you talking and planning with your child. If you have problems then please let me know as this is a new approach for us and may need to be adjusted as we go. Please make sure that you encourage your child to take the lead in each task but that quality is maintained.


Stationery: Pupils may bring in a pencil case to keep in their tray. Although felt pens and pencils are fine, please don’t send in gel pens or Sharpies as they go through the paper and spoil any writing on the reverse. I will supply handwriting pens and normal pencils.


Bank: One of our first tasks will be to set up a class bank. The children will manage the bank themselves and any money saved may be withdrawn either at Christmas or in July. More details to follow soon.


Visits: Because of the high cost of the residential visit to Brecon in the Spring I am endeavouring to keep the cost of visits this term to a minimum.  For details of visits arranged so far please see the attached dates sheet.



Topics: Please refer to the topic web, or come in to see me for more details.  In conjunction with our work with Theatr na nOg we will be investigating the weather, sustainable energy and the climate crisis. In science we will be starting with an investigation devised in conjunction with Bishop gore as our first transition project and will be looking at states of matter. In literacy, we will start with writing our Personal Profile before working on some poetry.



I will endeavour to send out a short letter each week via the website with news, dates, spelling and Mymaths.  I have set up our class page at:

On our class page you will find a copy of this letter, topic web, dates and homework plan for the term. (This will be given out at the parents evening next week.) I have also posted videos of maths topics to give you some idea of how we approach different strategies and to support your child in their homework. (Who would believe I’m a Youtuber!)



If you would like to help out either on a visit or in class then please let me know. If you have a query or problem then please don’t hesitate to get in touch either before or after school or by e-mail:


With Best Wishes


Debbie Webster




Presentation To Parents 2019

Into Film Parental Consent Form 11 17

Homework Menu Letter Autumn 196

Homework Menu Autumn Term 2019

Dates For Parents Autumn 2019 Year 6

2019 Autumn Topic Web


School Nurse Permission

Week beginning 9th December, 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week we are investigating coordinates in maths as well as starting to work on square and prime numbers.  We shall also be writing a short Christmas sketch in Welsh and designing and making Christmas cards. We continue to prepare for the carol concert and will be holding our climate march at the end of the week.


Friday 13.12 Climate March along Newton Road and onto the Promenade.  Children taking part will need a waterproof coat. Please feel free to join us if you would like.

Monday 16.12 rehearsal for the carol concert in All Saints. Liv and Emmy please bring your violins.

Monday 16th Homework books due back in. Please send in the book even if you haven’t completed it.

Tuesday 17.12 Carol Concert in All Saints at 2.00. Children may be collected at the end of the service, just let me know.

Wednesday 18.12 cinema visit for KS2. Please return the form if you have not already done so.

Friday 20.12 last day. Children may bring a non-electronic toy if they wish.

With Best Wishes


Debbie W




Week beginning 18th November, 2019

Year 6

Dear parents and Carers,

This week is Bikeability week, there is plenty of guidance on the Y6 page of the website but please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you need to.

Children will need:

  • Warm clothes with school hoodie
  • Warm waterproof coat, thin hat and gloves , waterproof trousers if they have them
  • Helmet and bike
  • Bike lock (plus key and combination) if they want to keep the bike at school overnight. This is fine, just park it behind year 5.
  • Any asthmatics need to have their pump in their pocket, I have them ready on my desk.

In addition, on Thursday it is the School Christmas Fayre. Many of our pupils are running stalls in class or on Elf duty at Santa’s Grotto. I will be onsite all evening and if you have any queries please e-mail me.

Just to remind you that our carol concert will be held on Tuesday 17th December at 2.00 in all saints Church. . The Year 6 pupils will be taking the readings.

Mymaths is set and spellings will be sent home on Monday.


Many thanks for all of your support, It is much appreciated.





Week beginning 11th November, 2019

Year 6

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week we have a whole school focus on Anti Bullying. In Year 6 we will be using a short animation to support our thinking and writing about this important subject.

On Wednesday we have a workshop with Show Racism the Red card.

From 5.00 – 6.30 on Wednesday we have Film club. All pupils should be collected by an adult from the school hall.

Friday is Children in Need Day and the pupils may wear non-school uniform. Any donations are welcome.

Next week we have our Bikeability training. Please refer to the information on the website to check for roadworthiness. Bikes should be parked by the rails behind the Y5 classroom. Helmets should be hung on the handlebars if dry or brought into class if wet. Children should wear warm layers and trousers or leggings rather than skirts. Hats and gloves may also be needed. Children must dismount from their bike once they enter the school yard.

Thursday 21st is the School Christmas Fayre. Year 6 children may choose to participate in the form of Elf Duty at Santa’s Grotto or by running a stall in class. This usually involves setting up an easy game or activity made in class. The children doing activities will be working in groups and will not be required to man or woman their stall all the time but will be responsible for setting up, organising rotas and clearing up at the end of the fayre. If you have any queries please come and ask.

Mymaths has been set. The children may need a little guidance on the equivalence between metric and imperial measurements for the first part of the measuring task. Spellings should be home Monday night.

With best wishes]


Debbie w



Week beginning 4th November, 2019

Year 6

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week we are working on our missions: challenges written by the children to explore the subject of climate and the climate crisis. It has been fascinating to see the range of ideas that has been generated and I have been impressed by the amount of independence that the children have shown.

In maths we are looking at measure of solids, liquids, temperature and time. I have put some new Mymaths challenges on for long multiplication. There is a video to support this on the website. Don’t worry if your child still gets a bit stuck, we will be returning to it in a couple of weeks. When doing the Mymaths, it may be easier for the children to do the sum on paper rather than trying to use the Mymaths grid.

On Monday PC Hadley will be coming in to talk about alcohol and substance misuse. On Thursday Mrs Landers Tomas will be coming in to talk about insulation as part of our work on climate change. We also hope to start building some spreadsheets using the data that we collected at Oxwich.

Friday is a non-school uniform day for the PTA Christmas Fayre. Donations of wine and chocolates would be welcome.

This week is also consultation week. If you are not sure of your appointment time or wish to change it then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Next week the whole school is holding our Anti Bullying week. In Year 6 we will be focusing on how to stay safe online. We will also be holding a Show Racism the Red Card workshop.

Lastly, many thanks for my leavers’ hoodie. I will wear it with pride!


Best wishes

Debbie Webster




Week beginning 13th October, 2019

Year 6

Dear Parents and carers,

This week we shall be starting our work on identifying and measuring the weather that we get in sunny Mumbles. We will be collecting data to put into spreadsheets and completing work that we did in Oxwich on Thursday. Many thanks to those who came and helped, it was much appreciated. We shall also continue our numeracy work on shape, looking at 3d shapes and rotational symmetry and start subtraction. As it is Shwmae day on Tuesday we will be writing and performing a sgwrs about weather forecasting. Once the films are completed they will be uploaded to J2e so you can have a look at them via Hwb. On Tuesday the children are able to wear something red or green to help us celebrate. I apologise but am cancelling the parents’ games session after school because of a clash with cross country. We will reschedule later in the term.

Also on Tuesday PC Hadley will be talking to the whole school about safe and responsible “trick or treating” and staying safe on bonfire night.

The week after half term (November 4th) I will be holding consultations. If you would like a consultation about your child and have a look at some of the work we have done so far, then please return the paper slip that will come home on Monday.

If you haven’t yet returned the Bikeability slip, could you do so this week. Thanks

With best wishes

Debbie W



Week beginning 7th October, 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

On Thursday this week, we will be spending the day in Oxwich investigating the weather. Your child will need:

  • Warm layers of clothing (old as they may get wet or sandy)
  • Waterproof coat
  • Waterproof trousers if you have them, if not a change of trousers in their bag
  • Hat/ sun protection just in case
  • Walking boots, or shoes or old comfortable trainers. Wellies are fine if your child is used to walking a distance in them.
  • Packed lunch and a drink

If your child gets car sick, please ensure that they take a tablet before school. Asthma pumps should be brought in your child’s bag. Please let me know if there are any other health considerations that I should be aware of.

In class we will be tackling subtraction and shape and making a times tables game to support younger learners.

Next Tuesday is Shwmae day and we will be having a session of Welsh language games after school. Please come and join us and speak a little Welsh.


Best Wishes

Debbie W




Week beginning 30th  September, 2019

Year 6

Dear Parents and Carers,


Wednesday: 5.00 – 6.30 We will be holding our first film club. We will provide drinks and biscuits and many thanks for sending in all of the forms. Children should be collected from the KS2 hall at the end.

Thursday: 10 children are off to Bishop gore to play in a transition netball tournament.

Friday: Boys football tournament. See Mrs Harris for details,

Thursday 10th we will be having a day’s expedition to Oxwich Bay to measure the weather. If you would like to come with us then let me know.

In class this week we are finishing our investigations into  money and checking that we are happy with adding big numbers and decimals. We will be starting our topic work and beginning to do some coding using our class Scratch account. All of the children will have their usernames and passwords written in their learning diaries and are welcome to continue exploring the endless possibilities of this easy to use coding tool. If your child already has a Scratch account then please could they  still use the class account as it is more secure.


Best wishes

Debbie W




Week beginning 23rd  September, 2019

Year 6

Dear Parents and Carers,

First of all many thanks for coming to the meeting last week. It was great to see you all and let you know some of our plans for the year. This is a special class for me (Flat Stanley lives on!) and they are just forging ahead with great enthusiasm. If you have any queries about the presentation or about your child then please don’t hesitate to get in touch (  or see me at the end of the school day.

Dates for this week:

Tuesday: Mrs Burgum, Head of Bishop Gore is coming to school to talk to parents and pupils at 5.00pm

Wednesday: We are going to see the Eye of the Storm at the Grand Theatre.

Thursday: Macmillan Milkshake morning: we will be having milkshakes and cakes to support this hardworking charity. Please support us if you are able by sending in some cake. Any surplus will be sold off at the end of the day. Donations welcome.

Bishop Gore open evening

Friday: Walk to school, we will be meeting at the park ready to leave at 8.30


In class this week we are investigating the value of money! We will be looking at pocket money, what to do with money, saving, spending and wasting money. All of this will help us to set up our class bank where we can save money over the year to take out in July. Mymaths has been set and spelling should be learnt ready for Friday.

We will also be starting to prepare our topic work following our visit to the theatre on Wednesday morning. Lunch and games will be as usual.

On Friday the Year 6 pupils will be running an afternoon session of Welsh games. They will be leading and coordinating the other Key Stage 2 classes and I hope having lots of fun being in charge! If this goes well we will be opening up the session for parents on 15th October which is national Shwmae Day. Don’t worry if you don’t have any welsh the children will do the work for you!

Best wishes

Debbie W





Week beginning 16th September, 2019

Year 6

Dear Parents and Carers,

Dates for this week:

Wednesday: I will be holding two short presentations to parents at 3.45 and 5.30. the aim of these is to let you know what is in store for your children this coming year and to start to think about preparing them for the big move to comprehensive school. The sessions are informal and children are welcome.

Friday: We will be walking to All Saints to listen to a concert as part of the Mumbles Festival of Music. The concert starts at 9.30 and we should be back for lunch as normal. Children should wear school uniform and bring a coat in case of rain. We do need an adult to cme with us, so if you are willing and able, please let me know.

Next week:

Tuesday: Mrs Burgum, Head of Bishop Gore is coming to school to talk to parents and pupils at 5.00

Wednesday: We are going to see the Eye of the Storm at the Grand Theatre. If you would like to come with us then please let me know.

Thursday: Macmillan Milkshake morning and Bishop Gore open evening

Friday: Walk to school


In class this week we are investigating the world of young children who have to work to help support their families as part of our work on the Rights of the Child. In maths we are learning how to multiply by multiples of 10, 100 and 1000. In welsh we are extending our language skills to be able to express our opinions.

One of my main targets this year is to encourage the children to increase their independence. This may mean completing work that they have been given by me but will also mean them choosing challenges that they will complete in any way they choose. I hope that this will support those who like to learn in different ways by allowing them to make a model, draw, write a story or use another technique to demonstrate their learning. The learning diaries are also helping us to teach the children to be responsible for remembering homework, games kit and indeed remembering the diary itself! Anyting you can do to encourage this will be much appreciated.

Best wishes

Debbie W




Week beginning 9th September, 2019

Year 6

Dear parents and Carers,

I hope that all of the children had a good week last week. They worked really hard from the first day and have already produced some great pieces of work. On Friday they all did a fantastic job with the Great Book Giveaway: sorting, arranging and laying out the books and then encouraging other children to make good book choices.

This week we have a visit to Swansea University on Thursday. If you have not yet returned your form then please do so. Children should wear school uniform and lunch will be provided.

Please return the Film club and school nurse forms if you have not yet done so.

Next week we are walking to All Saints for a concert on Friday morning. We do need one more adult so if you would like to come with us then please let me know.

Games will be on Wednesday and we will be going to the park and gym is on Friday so trainers, shorts and t-shirts will be needed. (No togs)

We have started to use our learning diaries to encourage independence, please encourage your child to share the diary each evening and to bring it in the next day.

Once I can access Mymaths I am going to set three units this week. Please let me know by e-mail or a note in the learning diary if you have problems accessing Mymaths. There is also a spelling sheet to learn by Friday and 4 and 5 times tables to revise. During the meeting next week I will hand out the homework books and explain how they work.

All newsletters will go onto the website unless they are urgent.

Please feel free to come in after school or to e-mail me if you have any queries.

With Best wishes

Debbie Webster

Brecon Visit 2020

Kit List

Week Beginning 13th January, 2020

Year 6

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week we continue to develop our explanation writing by completing our leaflets explaining why the Brecon Beacons National Park is important to Wales. In maths we are developing our understanding of division and in Welsh we will be using the past tense to write diary entries. We will be starting our new science unit of work on states of matter and will be investigating solids, liquids and gases.

On Wednesday morning Jo Jones will be in to talk about periods with the girls and on Thursday Sarah Holden will be working with us to make dragon banners for St Davids Day.

I have sent home the new homework menu, if anyone would like their work timetabled, checked on a regular basis or more detail, please let me know.


On Thursday I will be holding two short meetings at 3.30 and again at 5.00 to give out details of our residential visit. If you are unable to make the meeting I will send home the information sheet on Friday.

Spelling homework will be sent home on Monday and Mymaths has been set for area and perimeter.


Best wishes

Debbie Webster

Spring Term 2020

Year 6

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to the Spring term and firstly may I say how touched I was by your generous gift. Many thanks, it is much appreciated as is all of the support and help that you have already given this year.

This term focuses on our residential visit to Danywenallt in February. We will be investigating the Brecon Beacons National Park, learning to read maps and looking at the issues which affect people living in the park. In science we will be following a unit of work on states of matter which has been drawn up by Bishop Gore and prepares the pupils for a more formal approach to science. We will be working with PC Hadley to look at the dangers of the internet and especially social media and ensuring that we know what to do if a problem arises. In literacy we will be learning how to write effective explanations and developing our discussion and debating skills.  In welsh we will be developing our confidence when using the past tense. A maths plan and topic web are attached to give you outlines of units that we will be tackling.

We will be welcoming a student – Miss Burton on Thursdays who will be helping out in class.

Spelling and Mymaths will continue as last term. Many many thanks for all of the support that you have given with the Homework books. I had a great time over the holidays reading them. A new menu will be out by the end of the week.

All other letters will be put straight onto the website but if you need any clarification or have any queries please do not hesitate to come and see me or email me.

With Best Wishes

Debbie W


Residential visit information session: Thursday 16th Jan 3.40 and 5.00 (This is a short session and will last about 20 minutes. For those who can’t make it I will ensure that the information is put onto the website.)

Wednesday 15th January: visit from our school nurse Jo Jones to talk to the girls about periods and changes our body goes through during puberty. A second session for the whole class will be held in the summer term. If you have any concerns about this session please let me know. It would be helpful if you could have a preparatory talk with your daughter if you haven’t done so already.

Thursday 16th January: Dragon making workshop with Sarah Holden

Thursday 30th January: 5.00 – 6.30 Film club

Friday 31st January: Walk to school

Cybersafety session with PC Hadley

Wednesday 12th – Friday 14th February: Residential visit to Danywenallt

Thursday 27th February: 5.00 – 6.30 Film club

Friday 28th February: Walk to School

Sunday 1st March: Dragon Parade in Mumbles

Monday 2nd March: School Eisteddfod

WC 2.3: Eisteddfod Performances for parents: details to follow

Thursday 5th March: World Book Day

Tuesday 17th March: session with PC Hadley

Thursday 26th March: 5.00 – 6.30: Film Club

Friday 27th March: Walk to School

Maths Mastery films:

Place Value

Place Value 2

Rounding 1


Rounding 2

Multiply by 10 and 100




Long Multiplication 1


Long Multiplication 2

Long Multiplication 3



Grid Multiplication

  • Year 6: Film Club 5.00 – 6.30

    Thursday, 17:00
  • PC Hadley working with Years 2,3, 4 and 6

    Friday, 09:00
  • Year 6: PC Hadley Be Cybersafe

    Friday, 09:30
  • Year 6: Residential visit

    Wednesday, 09:00
  • Year 6: Film Club 5.00 – 6.30

    Thursday, 17:00
  • PC Hadley working with Year 6

    Tuesday, 11:00
  • Year 6: Film Club 5.00 – 6.30

    Thursday, 17:00