Useful Website & Apps

Useful Website & Apps

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ClassDojo ClassDojo helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. It captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators. English

Sumdog Download the Sumdog app to play Sumdog's newest games with Math, Reading and Spelling questions. English

Name Description Language Download

ApAmserStoriCyw It’s story time for Cyw and her friends, download your choice of stories to create your personal bedtime library Welsh

Tric a Chli Tric a Chlic is one of the most popular resources that CanolfanPeniarth has published. Welsh

Betsan a Rocoyn y pentref A series of games that will give learners the opportunity to develop their Welsh language skills. Welsh

Rapsgaliwn Children's E-Book “O blemaecoedNadoligynDod?” is the second RAPSGALIWN eBook. RAPSGALIWN is the rapping TV character on S4C's children's service Cyw who asks “Where do Christmas trees come from?” Welsh

Cymraeg for Kids This fun App from the Welsh Government is a great way for kids to learn the alphabet, colours, shapes and numbers in Welsh. Welsh

Ben Dant – Cyw Come and play pirate games with Ben Dant from S4C's children's service Cyw. Sail the seas, explore the five islands, win coins and special treasures Welsh

Rapsgaliwn Children's E-Book “O blemaellaethyndod?” RAPSGALIWN – the rapping TV character on S4C's children's service Cyw – asks “Where does milk comefrom?” Welsh

CampauCosmig A series of sixty plus mini-games in Welsh designed to teach and improve Welsh vocabulary and skills. Welsh

Codi Hwyl Come and sail the ship ‘Y FelltenDdu’ and play games in Welsh to win the pirates treasure! Welsh

GutoNythBrân GutoNythBrân is a Welsh second language app and online resource for teachers and pupils (5-11 years old) that will develop Welsh language skills in an interesting and fun-filled way Welsh

BBC Play games on these sites to improve your welsh language
E-Clips Video clips from BBC Cymru to support the curriculum (available in Welsh and English)
Astroantics Be a Welsh Space Ace! Zoom through space to find stories, songs and games for Welsh learners aged between 5 and 7.
Snapdragon Originally a BBC radio series, Snapdragon now has his own site where children can learn Welsh through play.
SaffariGwyddoniaeth SaffariGwyddoniaeth is a science resource for children between 7 and 11 where you drive around an island in a van and play three different and exciting games. There are also 90 multimedia science cards to collect on your journey.
Cyw The world of Cyw from S4C.
Tales of Wales from Valley Stream Tales and stories of Wales including the Mabinogion and some of the great legends such as Twm Sion Cati and the legend of Gelertlisten to stories on this website
History of Wales and the Welsh Language Welsh is the oldest language in Britain, going back at least 2,500 years. Discover how Welsh is related to other European languages and about the emergence of Welsh into the modern age.